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Wellbeing at Work: How to support your team when the workload is crazy

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

We know that for some workplaces, pressure is like its never been before. Many managers are exhausted and lots of staff are running on empty. As experienced Occupational Therapists at Workitwell we understand the importance of enabling wellbeing in the workplace. We acknowledge there isn't a magic wand to 'fix' this. We do know that small steps can make a big difference. Supporting staff now, helps avoid burnout in the long run.

Check out these simple top tips:

Tip #1 - Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Keep communication honest, kind, clear and regular. Enable various communication channels for all staff e.g. email meeting minutes to those working off site, enable Zoom links to meetings where practical. Try to find some good in your work day and recognise the contribution of all team members.

Tip #2 - Pause!

Humans are not robots. We are not designed to work non stop with minimal time to switch off. Protect your breaks fiercely. Create time to 'disconnect'. As a leader, model the need for breaks and make sure you take them yourself too. Regular breaks increase productivity.

"In unhealthy cultures, people see rest as taking your foot off the gas pedal. You don't stop until you've pushed yourself to the brink of exhaustion.
In healthy cultures, people see rest as a vital source of fuel. You take regular breaks to maintain energy and avoid burnout"
Adam Grant, Organisational Psychologist

Tip #3 - Keep a balance!

Maintain some boundaries between work and home life. Keep up your social connections, interests, exercise and fun outside of work. Prioritise the basic building blocks to wellbeing: Eat, sleep, move, breathe.

Tip #4 - Seek further support

Get in touch with our friendly team at Workitwell for further individualised support and Wellbeing Workshops for your team.

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