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Managing Workload

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Excessive workload is the most significant risk factor for burnout. Whilst organisations do have a responsibility to monitor workload, there are individual factors that we can also consider.

Prioritise tasks – what is important and what is urgent?

· Notice your perfectionist tendencies, does your need to do a task absolutely perfectly each time get in the way? Could some tasks be delegated if you were able to “let go” a bit more?

· Notice if you have a tendency to please others. Constantly saying yes to tasks and others can inadvertedly grow your workload and create a lot of pressure. Practice saying no when needed and setting realistic expectations.

· Notice your internal chatter. The way we think can influence our perception of busyness and overload. Shift from “ I have so much to do today, how am I going to cope” to “I have had lots on before and I got through it, I will take it one step at a time”

· Communicate with others if you feel your workload is unmanageable. Be assertive about what you want and need.

· Take your breaks, get outdoors, be in nature, pause and refresh. You will be more focused and productive for it.

Get in touch if you or your workplace would like help to manage workload and overwhelm.

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