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Managers need to Manage themselves too!

As Managers and Leaders we often place the needs of our staff, customers and contractors front and foremost. Whilst this is important, we also need to take time to turn inwards and care for ourselves. It is impossible to lead well when our own tanks are completely empty.

Top Tips:

# Be honest with yourself about how you are really feeling

Check in with yourself regularly. Are you noticing signs of stress and overwhelm? Are you feeling panicky, stressed, irritable, having difficulty concentrating? Experiencing muscle tension or headaches? Do you feel completely drained? Lacking motivation? These are all powerful warning signs from our body and mind that it is time to take more care of ourselves.

# Choose an action to address the overwhelm!

Noticing your own signs of stress is really helpful. But this alone is not enough to create change. Prioritise 1 or 2 small changes in your day or week to help calm your nervous system down.

# Changes to Try:

Choose an option that works for you and your lifestyle. Keep it small, simple and achievable! Re-instate habits that have worked for you in the past.

- Exercise

- Calming activities, relaxation/yoga/mindfulness/reading/music

-Prioritise sleep/reduce screen time at the end of the day

-Prioritise your breaks during the day - get out of the office if possible

-Monitor your own workload, practice boundaries and assertiveness where needed

-Let go of your inner perfectionist! Done is better than perfect.

Reach out to Workitwell for more practical support for you and your team!

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